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Sintered Bronze Bushing

Manufacturer: DALON
Material: Bronze Based
Product Code: SBB

Product Characteristics
Basic Material: CuSn9010/ SAE841 ASTM B438-70; SintA50/CuSnPb663
Porosity: 20%
Bearing Type: Plain Type Sleeve / Flange Bushing / Spherical Ball Bushing
Tolerance Standard: F7 / r7 / js13
Lubricating Method: Embedded Lubricated SAE 30

Sintered bushing are the simplest type of bearing by without moving parts, which generally handle higher temperatures and perform better in dirty environments compared to ball and roller bearings. DALON sintered bushing also intended by design to be self-lubricating, maintenance free and low cost.

More Details

DALON sintered bronze bushing Introduction:

DALON self-lubricating sintered bronze bushing are manufactured of pressed copper and tin powders by sintered technology and impregnated with lubricating oil and high porosity (20-25% in volume).

The oil contained in the porosity provides a constant lubrication between bearing and shaft, the system does not need any additional external lubricant, allows this type of sintered bronze bushing to work under hydrodynamic conditions. which resulting in a very low friction coefficient and maintenance-free for general engineering applications.

Load Directions:

All plain bearings are designed to handle radial loads, thrust loads, or a combination of the two. Radial loads are perpendicular to the shaft. Thrust loads are parallel to the shaft. Sleeve bearings handle radial loads. Flanged sleeve bearings handle both radial and thrust loads. Thrust bearings handle thrust loads. Startup friction causes these porous sintered bronze bushing to release a thin layer of oil on the bearings surface.

DALON sintered bronze bushing Properties (SAE841):






6.4 ~ 7.0




Strength Constant

“K” PSI / Mpa



%,in 1"


Compressive Yield Strength



Tensile strength at +20°C


100 ~ 150

Apparent Hardness


30 ~ 50

Working Temperature


-40 to +220

Friction Value


0.05 ~ 0.20

Max Load Capacity



MAX. PV Value



Coefficient of thermal expansion ( at +23°C)

K⁻¹ . 10 ⁻⁵


Notes: Custom made to order Sintered bushings, please specify ID and OD and Length. The difference between the ID and OD must be at least 2mm, Length Maximum 75mm
Standard Cylinder Bushing
cylinder bushing drawing
Standard Flanged Bushing
flange bushing drawing
Standard Sphercial Bushing
Standard Sphercial Bushing with Ring
DALON ISO certificate
DALON warehouse
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Q: Bushing type selection?

— The metallic structure of the self-lubricating bushing can be made from a wide range of bronze or iron based alloys. To select the proper material for a given application, it is necessary to check the maximum values of the material characteristics in comparison with:

——Shaft linear speed

——Applied load - p

——pv (load x speed) factor

Shaft hardness and surface roughness and other parameters such as working temperature and type of lubrication, etc.

Q: Lubricant Oil Selection?

— Standard impregnating oil conforms to SAE 30 specifications Lubricants are suitable for the temperature range from -40°C to 150°C Also have option for customer to made special oil impregnation byself

Q: De-impregnation & Re-Impregnation?

— De-impregnation required Degrease and wash in appropriate solvent Eliminate the lubricant in a furnace heated around 400°C for 40 minutes under a neutral atmosphere such as N2, or with reducing agent such as N2 + H2 Re-Impregnation need Immerge during one hour the parts in an oil bath heated at a temperature between 60°C and 120°C, depending on oil viscosity .Then cool down in an oil bath back to room temperature. Finally drain and dry the self-lubricating bearings.

Q: Can DALON make customized products?

— Yes, DALON can offer OEM / ODM manufacturing

Q: Will drawing or sample design safe after DALON get it?

— DALON will NOT release your design to any third parties without your permission. Usually we will sign NDA before all drawing and samples.

Q: Can DALON offer design services?

— DALON have R&D and can offer special design about your requirements with drawing 3D in format IGES/STEP, PDF/ CAD in DGW/DXF & photos.

Q: How about quality system?

— DALON have ISO9002 quality system and in-house inspection by Bubble Test Equipment, CMM, Hardness Tester, Roughness Tester, Salt Spray Tester, Tensile Strength Test, Caliper, Micrometer, Height Gauge, Ring and Plug Gauge, Pin Gauge, etc.

Q: How about sample offering?

— DALON can supply the samples for FREE, but the customers have to support the tooling cost if have and the courier cost

Q: What about tooling charge?

— Tooling charge is one off when first order, all future orders would not charge again even tooling repair or under maintaince.

Q: What about lead time usually?

— DALON usually effect delivery within 21days after advance payment. Stock items could be delivered within 3days. If item need open tooling, consider extra 7days.

Q: How about payment terms?

— Advance 50% and balance against copy of shipping B/L. For long term business DALON have more advantage terms for payment.

Q: How to deal with the complains if happens?

— In any case of complains, please contact DALON within 30days after receive the goods, DALON will find the root causes and corrective & preventive actions. DALON will take full responsibility for the claims.

Application Examples:
bushing applications

DALON Sintered Bushing Advantage:


An extremely wide range of operating loads, speeds and temperatures:

— Dynamic loads from 6 to 75 MPa

— Linear speeds up to 8 m/s

— Operating temperatures from - 180°C to + 300°C

Reduce of design and ownership costs:

— Lower cost compared to cast metal and machined bearings

— Complex designs and forms possible

— High dimensional accuracy

Application Range:


— General assembly machinery, industrial vehicles, automation, farm machinery

— Bottling machines, key duplicating machines, electrical switchgears, etc.


— Washing machines, fans, woodworking machines, vacuum cleaners

— Coffee machines, juicers, rotisseries, hand tools, air conditioning, etc.

Home Applications:

— Lawnmowers, roller shutters, office swivel chairs, locks, garage doors

— Sliding windows, hinges, furniture, gardening, etc.

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