Sintered Bronze Bushing

Product Characteristics

Manufacturer DALON
Material CuSn9010/ SAE841 ASTM B438-70; SintA50/CuSnPb663
Types Plain Type Sleeve / Flange Bushing / Spherical Ball Bushing
Product Code SBB
Lubricating: Embedded Lubricated SAE 30
Diameter: from 2 to 150 mm,and length from 2 to 75 mm
Porosity: > 19%
Density: from 6.4 to 7.0
Hardness: 30 ~ 50 HRB

Standard Cylinder Bronze Bushing Drawing
cylinder bushing drawing

Standard Sintered Bronze Bushing List

DALON also offer custom size, please contact for quotation

Specification Calculate

Density g/cm³ 6.4 ~ 7.0
Porosity %(min) >19
Strength Constant “K” PSI / Mpa 26500/180
Elongation %,in 1" 1
Compressive Yield Strength PSI / MPa 11000/75
Tensile strength at +20°C MPa 100 ~ 150
Apparent Hardness HRB 30 ~ 50
Working Temperature °C -40 to +220
Friction Value μ 0.05 ~ 0.20
Max Load Capacity PSI 3000
MAX. PV Value N/mm².m/s 1.6
Coefficient of thermal expansion ( at +23°C) K⁻¹ . 10 ⁻⁵ 9

Sintered Bronze Bushing

Introducing Our Premier Sintered Bronze Bushing Line: Engineered for Superior Performance

In the realm of industrial machinery and mechanical assemblies, the sintered bronze bushing emerges as a cornerstone component, pivotal for reducing friction, facilitating smooth operation, and enhancing the longevity of machinery. As a leading supplier, we are proud to offer our line of high-quality, oil-impregnated sintered bronze bushings, designed to meet and exceed the rigorous demands of various industrial applications.
Unmatched Quality and Durability:
- Our sintered bronze bushings are manufactured through a state-of-the-art powder metallurgy process. This involves pressing and sintering finely ground bronze particles to form a highly porous, yet structurally solid bushing. These pores are then vacuum-infused with lubricating oil, ensuring that the bushing is self-lubricating throughout its service life. This unique manufacturing process grants our bushings an exceptional blend of durability and performance, capable of withstanding high speeds, loads, and temperatures.
Superior Performance with Self-Lubrication:
- The hallmark of DALON sintered bronze bushing is its self-lubricating feature. The oil impregnation provides a constant reservoir of lubricant within the bushing, significantly reducing friction and wear between moving parts. This not only enhances the operational efficiency of machinery but also extends the lifespan of both the bushing and the machinery components it serves. Additionally, this self-lubricating capability means that our bushings require minimal maintenance, saving time and resources for our clients.
Versatile Applications Across Industries:
- DALON sintered bronze bushings are versatile enough to serve a wide array of industries, from automotive and aerospace to consumer electronics and home appliances. They are especially suited for applications where durability and performance under high friction and temperature conditions are critical. Whether it's in hydraulic machinery, electric motors, or household appliances, our bushings provide reliable, efficient performance.
Customization and Support:
- Understanding the diverse needs of our clients, we offer customization options for our sintered bronze bushings. Dimensions, oil types, and material properties can be tailored to meet specific application requirements, ensuring the perfect fit for any project. Our team of experts is always ready to provide technical support and advice, ensuring that you select the right bushing for your needs.
our sintered bronze bushing line stands as a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With their superior durability, self-lubricating properties, and wide range of applications, these bushings are designed to deliver unmatched performance and value to our clients. Trust us to provide the solution you need to keep your machinery running smoothly and efficiently.

Application Examples:

bronze applications
DALON Sintered Bushing Advantage:
Sintered bronze bushings offer a unique combination of advantages that make them highly sought after in various applications across industries. Here’s a brief overview of their key benefits:
An extremely wide range of operating loads, speeds and temperatures:
- Dynamic loads from 6 to 75 MPa
- Linear speeds up to 8 m/s
- Operating temperatures from - 180°C to + 300°C
Reduce of design and ownership costs:
- Lower cost compared to cast metal and machined bearings
- Complex designs and forms possible
- High dimensional accuracy
These advantages make sintered bronze bushings an ideal choice for applications requiring reliable, long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance.
Sintered bronze bushings are versatile components widely utilized across various industries due to their durability, self-lubricating properties, and resistance to wear and environmental conditions. Their applications span from heavy industrial equipment to precision devices, reflecting their adaptability and efficiency in numerous settings. Here’s a detailed exploration of their extensive range of applications:
Automotive Industry:
They are used within gearboxes for smooth gear shifting and in transmissions due to their ability to withstand high rotational speeds and varying temperatures.
Sintered bronze bushings find applications in suspension systems, where their durability and shock absorption qualities are valuable.
Manufacturing and Industrial Machinery:
The bushings are critical in hydraulic systems, ensuring efficient operation of pumps and motors by reducing friction.
They are used in conveyor belt rollers and pulleys to facilitate smooth movement of goods and materials.
Electrical and Household Appliances:
Sintered bronze bushings are commonly used in electric motors for fans, air conditioners, and washing machines, providing longevity and noise reduction.
Essential in domestic and industrial pumps and compressors for water, air, and other fluids.
Renewable Energy Systems:
They are employed in wind turbine mechanisms, where their resistance to wear and self-lubricating properties ensure efficient and long-term operation.
Agricultural Equipment:
In agricultural machinery, these bushings reduce the wear and tear on moving parts, extending the equipment's service life and reliability.
Marine Applications:
Sintered bronze bushings are used in boat and ship propulsion systems, benefiting from their corrosion resistance and durability in wet environments.
Office and Printing Equipment:
DALON sintered bronze bushing provide smooth operation and support for moving parts within printers and photocopiers, where precision and reliability are essential.
Sports and Recreational Equipment:
In fitness equipment, such as weight machines and stationary bikes, these bushings ensure smooth operation and resistance to sweat and moisture.
Above applicability underscores the sintered bronze bushing's essential role in modern mechanical design and engineering. By offering a combination of durability, efficiency, and maintenance ease, they continue to be a preferred choice for designers and engineers aiming to enhance the performance and reliability of their machinery and equipment across a wide spectrum of industries. Contact DALON for more details and assistance.